• Olivia Von Halle

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Bychezboutique.com is a dream encased in a virtual reality, a luxury lingerie boutique for those of us who love to wear what only a few get to see. The industry calls us Intimate Apparel Enthusiasts, and we are. We're also sensitive, daring, exquisite and totally comfortable with our own intimacy. We want to feel sexy just about all the time, but only on our terms. We could be anyone: the power broker with the 90-hour work week, the intern looking for a career start, the proud-to-stay-at-home mom running errands or the city girl enjoying the nightlife. We shop by both impulse and planning and we're proud of it. At bychezboutique.com, just like our clients, we exhibit a fond love and appreciation for variety. Our collection features designers like Atelier Bordelle, Olivia von Halle, Valery Prestige, Neveah, Fortnight Lingerie, Samantha Chang, Clo Intimo, and Fleur of England, collectively embodying a multitude of tastes and emotions. From basic foundations to everyday wear, from playful and lounging to fashionable and glamorous, from popular entertainment to intimate boudoirs, it’s all here. Just come on in, the doors are open! It’s intimate. It’s personal. It’s passionate. It’s you. It’s bychezboutique.com. Own it!

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