Here are a few key words and pieces to help transform your lingerie chest into one of an enthusiast. These items are must-haves for all I.A.E, we consider them the basics.

  1. I.A.E. Glossary Baby Doll- Usually a short gown with a built-in bra-like cup and a flowing skirt 
  2. Bandeau Brasiere- A bra with removable straps. It may or may not have padding. It's sides are lined with silicone to prevent it from slipping 
  3. Bikini- This panty sits on the hips and completely covers the front and the rear 
  4. Bodysuit- The alternative one piece to the classic coordinates of a bra and panties 
  5. Boyshorts- These bottoms are designed to sit on the waist and are similiar to shorts. They cover the hips or the buttocks and sometimes the upper part of the thigh 
  6. Brazilian Briefs- See Tanga Briefs- The obligatory partner of the bra. They range from hi, medium to low-cut 
  7. Bustier- A sexy strapless bra that usually goes down to the waist and has garters attached 
  8. Camisole- A short top whose length goes to the waist. Can be worn like a slip underneath a wool sweater, beneath a blazer complementing a pair of jeans or simply paired with it's matching panties 
  9. Chemise- The most common gown. It is straight cut and falls above the knee. It has thin- spaghetti like straps that are sometimes adjustable 
  10. Contour Bra- These bras are defined by the shape that they hold. They are always padded or lined and have an underwire. Perfect for sculpted silhouettes and they offer a significant amount of coverage and control 
  11. Classic Bra- The cups of this bra almost covers the entire breast. It may or may not have padding 
  12. Demi-Cup Bra- On the contrary, this supportive bra covers only the bottom portion of the breasts and exposes the nipples slightly. Pretty much this one is good for low-cut tops 
  13. Flutter Panties- Sit on the waist and have elastic at the top but are loose and frilly at the bottom. Similar to tap pants but are cut higher 
  14. G-String- Panties that cover only the front and leaves your bottom exposed except there is a stretchable string that covers the backside 
  15. Garter Belt- This a belt that that is worn around the waist or hips directly against your skin. Your silky or fishnet stockings are attached to the garter belt by 4-8 dangling straps. These straps are rightfully known as the garters 
  16. Plunge Bra- A brasier designed to lift and separate the breast and can be defined by it's low plunging front 
  17. Push-Up Bra- For those smaller breast or those who want extra va-voom this bra adds breast size with padding inside the cup which is removable. This effect gives the appearance of more voluptuous cleavage 
  18. Tap Pants- These frilly sometimes flowing bottoms are similar to flutter panties but are longer and usually fastens or zippens at the waist 
  19. Thong- What an evolution in all discoveries for women at the birth of this style panty. It covers the front and leaves your bottom exposed covered only by a thin strip of material 
  20. Triangle Bra- Both the neckline and cups are both of triangular shape. The straps are central with a low back

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