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  • Sexy Saturday| ByChezBoutique.com

    When shopping for sexy lingerie, or lounge wear, many times you come upon the same old names. Though beautiful and elegant, you sort of want new brands without the excessive amount of pages with similar looking items. Like a one-stop, online shop with premium collections of exotic silks, lace, and in designs that are feminine, easy on the eyes, and unique.

    ByChezBoutique.com, though not a single house brand, offers women the latest and greatest in the world of lingerie. A curated selection in the likes of Toute la Nuit, Samantha Chang, Clo Intimo, the popular Elle Macpherson intimates, and so much more, it’s a plethora of quality undergarments that you want showcased to everyone. Even though very few will be granted permission for a lingerie sneak-peek. Lemon yellow garter belts with black lace trim, deep-V French lace paneled robes reminiscent of Old Hollywood, or periwinkle and rose mist  balconette brassieres meant only for the finest of gowns.


    I will say there’s only one drawback, and that’s sizing. Many of the collections only carry sizes up to large, or 36F, which is fine. But just a quick heads up to our curvier ladies out there who are slowly pulling out their credit cards.

    Always evolving with the seasons ByChezBoutique.com is as current as the brands’ website themselves. Just a larger, more eclectic collection of items for the picking.


    Pretty lingerie is something that every woman should splurge on. It sets the tone for your entire outfit, even if you're the only one that ever sees it. I always think of that scene in The Devils Wears Prada where you see glimpses of the fashion girls getting ready with their gorgeous lace underpinnings juxtaposed with Anne Hathaway's clueless, and sometimes dowdy, character with her ill fitting and dated ensemble. An outfit truly starts from the bottom layer and builds upon that.

    by Chez sent me a feminine, yet understated, bra and adjustable thong by Clo Intimo in the prettiest (perfume scented!) package earlier this month. They are the most gorgeous coral color with an impeccable attention to the girliest of details. Plus, adjustable straps on a thong are genius. Not all women are made the same and it's actually really difficult to find underwear that fits when you have a small frame, but curvy hips. These are the perfect solution.


    by Chez carries lines by several different designers all featuring feminine, tasteful lingerie. There are delicate bralettes, lacy camisoles, and how pretty is this romper? You'll never want to pull out that nude bra again.


    Looking for some pretty little things for yourself? For 15% off your purchase from by Chez, use code "pineapplesandpearls" at checkout.

  • Nubian Skin, others add variety to the undergarments market


    Pretty little things like undergarments add up to quite a pretty penny when it comes to sales. According to market research giants NPD Group and Euromonitor, 2014 intimate apparel sales (bras, panties, day wear and shape wear) were about $80.5 billion globally and $11.1 billion in the U.S.

    It's one of the few categories of fashion women continue to purchase during hard economic times, "But what's surprising is, post-recession, the intimate apparel market is kind of lagging along," says Marshal Cohen, NPD Group chief industry analyst. "There's a lack of innovation and excitement in the intimate apparel market. Very little of it is new."

    "Just around the recession Spanx was hot and the recession didn't even hold it back," says Cohen. "But now women have their supply of body shapers and they don't need more of them. There's even less innovation when it comes to bras and panties."

    Enter Nubian Skin. "A niche market, such as catering to a minority consumer base or looking at the market from a different perspective, like Spanx, can be an innovative piece of the puzzle," says Cohen. "Sometimes a small business turns out to have the most growth opportunity. I'm surprised it took this long for a [business like Nubian Skin] to materialize."

    There are other options for undergarments for women of color — who make up about 32% of the U.S. lingerie market, according to NPD Group — but they're limited. You can buy L'Eggs Brown Sugar hosiery in the U.S. "But L'Eggs is appealing to an entirely different market, particularly in terms of price, than Nubian Skin," writes Cora Harrington, editor of the popular lingerie blog thelingerieaddict.com. A pair of L'Eggs is about $3 (hanes.com). At Nubian Skin pantyhose are about $10 (nubianskin.com). Bras start at about $37 (nubianskin.com) and panties at $13 (nubianskin.com).


    "It's a bit like how there are dozens of hosiery brands making opaque, black tights but there's still room for both Wolford and Target. Nubian Skin has pitched itself as a fashion-forward, luxury resource for nude hosiery for women of color.... More options in the marketplace, particularly for a traditionally underserved demographic, is always better," Harrington says.

    Harrington adds that other similar hosiery brands — such as Nude Barre, Frangi Pangi, Brun et Noir and Pendeza — haven't received as much attention as Nubian Skin. And as for companies offering a range of coordinating undergarments, there are limited options. "There have been a number of false starts," says Harrington.

    Chez Johnson is the founder of the lingerie boutique byChezBoutique.com. She says women with deeper skin tones can find good hosiery and shape wear options with the brands Wolford, Spanx and Commando but the most consistently asked question from these clients is why can't they find other everyday undergarments.

    "As a store buyer I notice a huge gap in the market is lingerie, lounge wear and undergarments, like panties and bras, for women of color," says Johnson. "You want a nice chocolate-brown, everyday bra to wear under a white T-shirt, a nice lace-colored bra or a minimizing bra or a garter, and everything is very colorful and trendy but when it comes down to basic necessities at a reasonable price, we didn't really have that option." Now consumers have more choices.

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